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aspectify design

  Aspectify Design is a Bournemouth based   freelance graphic designer offering   web
design   and branding services.

_who i am

I'm Daniel, a freelance graphic and web designer made in Translyvania, now

enjoying life in lovely Bournemouth, UK; also known under the name of Aspectify

Design. I'm a young and passionate graphic designer specialised in the delivery of

digital services including bespoke web design, Webflow web development and

branding. I work hard to bring your company's website or branding idea to life,

ensuring 100% design and functionality satisfaction through a bespoke process

from the start to the end of your project designing not only a

beautiful website that communicates your company’s vision

in the best way possible, but also a usable one that gives

visitors great information.

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In my spare time, I practice other visual disciplines like painting, photography, and videomaking. I also like to listening to music, traveling, and play with my two dogs, Mr. Winston and Geraldine.

My way of work is a very collaborative and open way, you will always have a say in what’s going on and I will always give you my honest opinion on what I think will benefit your business the most. In my spare time, I'm often found gaming, watching series or drinking my coffee...☕

that being my favourite drink of the day because it helps me to focus and achieve better quality works; so after this being said, if you decide to meet up, let's make sure the location is a coffee shop! 🙂

Reset HealthDigital Designer & Webflow Developer

2022 — Present

Edirect Marketing Agency
Graphic / Web Designer

2020 — 2022

FreelanceGraphic / Web Designer & Developer

2019— Present

"Aurel Popp" Arts Highchool,
Romania, Transylvania
Architecture and Design

2014 — 2020

Certificates & Awards

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